New SOA Book Next Year called PRO WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation

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Beginning of the new year a new book concerning SOA and Microsoft will be released through Apress. It is called PRO WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation.

PRO WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA ImplementationIt is written by a number of professionals like Amit Bahree, Chris Peiris, Aftab Chopra, Shawn Cicoria, Nishith Pathak and Dennis Mulder. Last one is a dutch guy I met during SOA & BPM conference at Microsoft in Redmond. He’s a very nice guy and I had a couple of chats with him during the conference. He also mentioned he was working on this book. So it cool to know one of the authors, but I am also very interested in its content.

So what’s the book about:

Part of Microsoft’s radical new WinFX API is the Indigo foundation, more formally known as the Windows Communication Foundation, or WCF. Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation is a complete guide to WCF from the SOA architecture perspective and shows you why WCF is important to web service development and architecture.

The book covers the unified programming model, reliable messaging, security, the peer-to-peer programming model, and more. You’ll also learn how to move your current DCOM and .NET remoting applications to WCF, and how to integrate those applications with new WCF-based applications.

You’ll want to get ahold of a copy because it
* Contains a comprehensive WCF programming model
* Explains how queue management and reliable messaging work in WCF
* Discusses implementing transaction support in WCF
* Shows how to make WCF services interoperable with other SOA offerings
* Thoroughly covers WCF security topics and concerns

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Today I bought the beta version of the book, so when I have some spare time left I will be reading the chapters I have downloaded so far.

Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers

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