VS Live San Francisco 2007 .NET 3.0 Day 3

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Oke third day here at VS Live in San Francisco. Today went to a couple of .Net 3.0 talks. To start things of I went to Rob Daigneau’s talk about Implementing SOA design Patterns with WCF. Well it was more on SOA and little about WCF. He wanted to show the web service softeware factory in the end, but it didn’t work. Talk about SOA was good though. He kicked off with SOA myths, where he claims business agilty is a bogus claim, hence it is not quick or easy; both are true in my view. Than he went on reuse, where message and data types are the ones that can be resued at best (well that’s on lowest dominator and resue on micro-level). Finally he got to versioning and demo extension to exsisting interfaces, which in my humble opinion is not versioning but modifying interfaces the way it was done with COM+ without breaking it.

Next talk about WPF for Windows Forms Developers, but I am not one of them. Nevertheless its out there in .NET 3.0 and I wanted to see more of it. And it was a good introduction done by Walt Ritscher. He went over all features of WPF by scratching the surface kind of style. Good stuff.

After this talk I went to Introduction of Windows Workflow done by Micheal Stiefel. It’s the first of two talks. One done today and one tomorrow. Now he discussed fundamentals of workflow. Slides are on here. He goes into what workflow is, what it means and how it works. With workflow one figures out processes. Through numerous activities a workflow can be build to support a process. He shows mortgage application process with activities like loan request, request credit info, appraise property, evaluate risk and approve/reject loan. Look at picture below and view the WF Runtime Architecture.

Demo code can be found on his site to: http://www.reliablesoftware.com.

Next up is Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for .ASMX and Remoting Developers done by Richard Hale Shaw. And he talk about Loose coupling, what does it actually mean and he explained that its like never having to say you’re sorry (hooray). He compared .Net Remoting and .asmx technology with WCF, claiming that first two will get extinct in the future. He went on with decoding WCF by going through data contracts, service contracts, fault contracts, bindings, endpoints and finally configuration objects. At the end he talked about migrating from .Net remoting and .asmx to WCF. More on future posts….

Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers

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