VS Live San Francisco 2007 .NET 3.0 Day 4

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Day 4 at VS Live in San Francisco. Today I went to a WPF talk done by Billis Hollis, a great speaker who I have seen a couple of times of the years. He showed some cool demo’s and I am amazed what one can do with WPF. Notes about this one I refer again to Jan van de Pol, who is more a UI expert than I am and does a very good job of making notes of this one on the technical side of things. Next one up is more my cup of thea, workflow. It’s second part of introduction of workflow and a followup one the one done yesterday. The slides are here. Goal today with his talk today is how to build workflows with WinWF. Three basic patterns, out of the box, others can be customized.

(1) Sequential

  • Synchronous
  • ASynchrounous
  • Natural Sequence of operations
  • Workflow is in control (dictates what comes next)
  • (2) State Machine

  • Control outside workflow
  • Workflow restricts choices
  • Simpler than sequential
  • (3) Rule based workflow pattern

  • No natural sequence
  • Rules model relationships independent of time
  • Based on constraints
  • Code demos (2)
    (1) Hospitaladmission Application (combination WF and WCF)(admission of patients)

    Demo of code and explanation

    (2) Statemachine workflow

    Demo of code and explanation

    Code and demo can be found here.

    Next talk from Richard Hale Shaw is about best practices for designing and building soa app with WCF. He rammbled the complete session about best practices for WCF services like keeping them alive, secure, avalaible, robust, no business logic in them, don’t break interfaces and so on. Most things seasoned developers, architects already know. Kinda kicking in an open door as we say in Holland. I was not very enthusiastic about the talk, no SOA mentioned in it at all. I have to say though that he is very good speaker and explaines things very well and is always open for questions. If you interested in WPF I again point to Jan van de Pol, the link is in this post. More comments on other sessions later ….

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