VS Live San Francisco 2007 Pre-Conference Workshop Day 1

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First day at VS Live San Francisco with a couple of workshops to start things up. I attended the workshop for a whole about building distributed object oriented apps in .net 3.0 from Rockford Lhotka. In this workshop started with designing Windows, Web and Web-Service-based apps that have a reusable business layer composed of objects. Rocky believes it’s all about layering your app in least amount of tiers. Layer structures your application, so maintainability can be achieved. Using least possible tiers results in less complexity, but one needs them in case of scalability, fault tolerance and security. This are enhanced by more tiers, but comes with performance degradation, which means there is a trade off to be made. This also counts for service orientation, where a consumer of a service can be layered as well as the service itself. There is an open source project done by him about CSLA, which is an application development framework that reduces the cost of building and maintaining applications.

By downloading the latest CTP March 2007, one can download his code (rocky) within a few days and see an implementation of CSLA. This was demoed during the workshop. Very interesting, so I recommended giving it a try.

Tomorrow a .NET focus day, filled with keynote and talks about:

  • KEYNOTE: Windows Vista, the 2007 Office system, and ASP.NET AJAX;
  • Windows Vista Overview for Developers;
  • Real World SOA using WCF and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) ;
  • Windows Vista for Managed Code Developers: Beyond .NET Framework 3.0;
  • Growing Your Business Using Office as a Development Platform;
  • An Overview of Database Development using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals,;
  • Maximum Performance: ASP.NET + Team System Test Edition.
  • More posts later on.

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