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Lately I have read some new SOA material like books and articles. Yesterday I finished reading a book from Sandy Carter about new business language. The book reads like a journey from innovation to don’ts of SOA. It contains a lot of case studies from companies around the world applying SOA and plenty of information collated from years of research done at IBM labs. Chapter 3 on Component business model lays the foundation for how an enterprise can link the business and IT alignment for success. Chapter 9 on the top 10 don’ts reflects some true real world experience and the easy to make mistakes when one undertakes SOA projects. ESBs to Governance are explained in terms that both business and IT execs can understand quickly while carrying enough content for the technology people to refer back. This book introduces the reader to many important aspects of SOA and shows how to use them to achieve business flexibility: component business modeling, the SOA reference architecture, the SOA lifecycle, SOA governance, and the SOA entry points. This is great information for explaining to the business why SOA matters and what the business (not just IT) needs to do.

Book is build up in three parts

Part I: Start at the Beginning–The Business
Chapter 1: The Innovation Imperative
Chapter 2: What Is Flex-pon-sive*?
Chapter 3: Deconstructing Your Business: Component Business Model

Part II: A Flexible Business Requires Flexible IT
Chapter 4: SOA as the DNA of a Flex-pon-sive* and Innovative Company
Chapter 5: SOA Key Concepts
Chapter 6: SOA Governance and Service Lifecycle
Chapter 7: Three Business-Centric SOA Entry Points
Chapter 8: What about Web 2.0 and SOA? Are They Related?

Part III: How to Implement Flex-pon-sive* in Your Business
Chapter 9: The Top 10 Don’ts!
Chapter 10: Case Study: IBM
Chapter 11: Putting It All Together

IBM Press; 1 edition (February 20, 2007), ISBN-10: 013195654X

It’s a good reference book, which gave me a lot of insight in real world SOA. Besides reading this book I have subscribed myself to a two year subscription of SOA World magazine. I have read some articles and there nice like:

  • Enterprise Web 2.0 Solves the last Mile of SOA (good info, goes well with Chapter 8 of the book above) – BobBuffone;
  • SOA Architects and Models – David Linthicum.
  • Good reading, I recommended taking a subscription (electronic). It will cost you only round 130 US dollars for two years. That is around 5 US dollars a month. You also get access to back issues, so it is worth it. Last but not least I have also started reading the book of Dirk Krafzig which I mentioned in a previous post and have some chapters ahead of me to read.


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