First Day at DevDays 2007 Amsterdam

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Today I went to the first day of DevDays 2007 in Amsterdam. It was a fun day and met a lot of people, old colleagues, people I worked with, speakers, trainers from companies like class-a, Microsoft people like Arie Leeuwensteijn (organizer DevDays). It was just awesome. I started the day with a keynote from Scott Guthrie, who talked about Silverlight. Most of you probably already heard about this new Microsoft Technology. From a SOA perspective it is interesting to note it has an API for connecting to web services, so consuming services for displaying data will be no problem. He also showed a new product of Microsoft called Expression. This product was demoed by Wayne Smith. After this demo a few more followed around Sliverlight with one you can look or try out yourself called bananas. So in a nutshell Silverlight will give you:

  • Broad reach
  • Rich Multimedia
  • .Net
  • Multiple languages (Ruby, Python, Dynamic VB)
  • Express Studio
  • Visual Studio
  • Services
  • Second session I went was SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for developers. This session was completely about custom creation of artifacts like tasks, pipeline component (data flow), log provider, for each enumeration and connection manager. Creating these artifacts is done by going through six key steps:

  • Create project
  • Add references
  • Add Signing (GAC)
  • Write code
  • Compile
  • Install
  • Speaker Darren Green went into detail about each step and demoed it. He took artifact task for demoing.

    Next talk was From SOA architecture to .Net 3.0 implementation done by Reinhard Brongers and Donald Hessing. I met them both before they kicked off. They have done a similar one last year, but then around .Net 1.1 and 2.0. Now they will go into WCF for their implementation. I will not go into their precise presentation, because it will come available like other presentations online. I can tell it was very good, a lot of people in the room (bit too small, it was more crowded). I hope they will have a larger room next time (DevDays 2008). The source code will also come available in the near future.

    Last two talks first day were from Gijs de Jong: WCF Service Model Internals & Extensiblity and WF,WCF Stateful Services from Ingo Rammer. First talk had some resemblence with his article written in Dutch .Net magazine. Second talk I did not take much notes and listening more, but a comparison here can be made to one of his previous presentation around WCF and WF finally together.


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