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I received an email today from Marty Wasznicky, Regional Program Manager BizTalk Server Microsoft. His email announces a community release of Microsoft ESB Guidance. Microsoft ESB was demoed during SOA & BPM Conference in Redmond last year in October (see previous post). ESB Guidance consisted of the following which enabled Microsoft partners and customers to build large and small-scale ESB solutions:
• Sample code built on BizTalk Server 2006
• Architectural guidance, patterns and practices
• Reusable BizTalk Server ESB and .NET components:

o Dynamic Transformation Service
o Dynamic End Point/Configuration Service
o Itinerary based Routing & Service Invocation
o ESB Portal
o Exception Management framework
o Namespace Resolution Service
o JMS (Java Message Service) pipeline component (IBM JMS over WMQ)

Dedicated Microsoft ESB web site:
Dedicated Partner site for delivering the ESB Guidance:
Press on the ESB Guidance from the SOA conference

Microsoft has released a new June Community Release build of the ESB Guidance on the new ESB Guidance community site, where all future iterations will be released here until our final release in October later this year.

Although this June Community Release focused on bug fixes and refactoring the ESB Guidance for BizTalk 2006 R2, future releases will incorporate many new and augmented features such as:

• UDDI publishing and richer resolution options
• WS-MetadataExchange
• Enhanced ESB Portal and Exception Mediation
• Request-Response support for on and off ramps
• WCF Adapter integration
• New Samples and Guidance
• Third party SOA Management and Governance integration:
o Amberpoint Integration
o SOA Software Integration

I would check it out if your interested.


Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers

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