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Posted: October 19, 2007  |  Categories: Uncategorized WCF

As you already probably know Visual Studio 2008 is heading our way. One of things you can do is build WCF services. This year I followed some sessions about WCF during VS Live in San Francisco. After those sessions I bought a book Windows Communication Foundation Unleashed and hoped to read it and start working and learning WCF. But no I did not come around to doing just that. Coming week before I go to Microsoft SOA and Business Process Conference I finally have time to start reading and doing some WCF coding. I have a VS2008 Beta running on Windows 2003 Server R2 fully patched available on a Microsoft VPC 2007. All software I got through my company MSDN subscription. My WCF Book Library now consists of five books including the one I just mentioned. The other four books are:

  • O’Reilly – Bustamante – Learning WCF – 2007
  • O’Reilly – Lowly – Programming WCF Services -2007
  • Microsoft Press – Smith – Inside Windows Communication Foundation – 2007
  • SAMS – McMurty – Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Hands On – 2006
  • Besides the library and VPC I of course have the internet containing zillions of information around Microsoft and its technologies like WCF. Some of site’s I found are:

  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • .NET Framework Developer Center
  • Mike Taulty’s Blog
  • And there are many more. So I will start this coming week with reading of 2500 + pages, working through 100 + code Samples and browsing 40 + hours. I will work myself through WCF concepts, Contracts, Bindings, Hosting, Instancing and concurrency, reliability, security, exceptions and fault and so on. I will keep you posted with my experiences and progress.


    Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers

    Steef-Jan Wiggers is all in on Microsoft Azure, Integration, and Data Science. He has over 15 years’ experience in a wide variety of scenarios such as custom .NET solution development, overseeing large enterprise integrations, building web services, managing projects, designing web services, experimenting with data, SQL Server database administration, and consulting. Steef-Jan loves challenges in the Microsoft playing field combining it with his domain knowledge in energy, utility, banking, insurance, healthcare, agriculture, (local) government, bio-sciences, retail, travel, and logistics. He is very active in the community as a blogger, TechNet Wiki author, book author, and global public speaker. For these efforts, Microsoft has recognized him a Microsoft MVP for the past 8 years.


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