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Jean-Paul Smit released v1.0 of BizTalk Software Factory and supplies guidance for developing BizTalk applications. This release is based on the project Dick Dijkstra started a year ago on CodePlex (BASF). It has been extended with functionality, consists of source code, some documentation and one can do the following:

* Create BizTalk multi project solution structures using a wizard
* Create BizTalk single project solution, grouping artifacts into folders, using a wizard
* Guidance for adding Schemas to a project
* Guidance for adding Maps to a project
* Guidance for adding Orchestrations to a project
* Guidance for adding pipelines to a project.

I downloaded this from Codeplex and gave it try on my VPC image containing, BizTalk Server 2006 R2 installed on Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition SP2 with Visual Studio 2005 Professional (NOT TFS) as IDE.

Steps I took to make it work were/are as follows:
(1) Download BSF from codeplex;
(2) Do not forget Guidance Automation Extentions 1.4 in this case for VS 2005;
(3) Install Guidance Automation extensions (this supports VS 2005);

(4) Next install BSF;
(5) Open visual studio;

(6) New Project;
(7) Go to guidance packages BizTalk Software Factory;

(8) Fill name, location;
(9) Click Ok;
(10) Then fill namespace, biztalk application name and which artefact you want to add
(11) Then click finish and everything will be generated.

It is a great factory and improves productivity for a BizTalk developer. It also add quality with each solution, since correct namespaces are used, snk is created and so on. In future BizTalk projects I will make use of this tool. I must say a job well done by Dick and jean-Paul.


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Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers

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