BAM to Implement Service and SLA Monitoring

Raul Camacho, SOA Solution Architect from Microsoft, did a talk about Azure BAM to implement a service and SLA monitoring solution. Session is focused to IT pro to monitor BizTalk. Service Analytics use BAM, WCF and so on. What is Service Analytics.


Why Services Analytics? For this is new (terminology) and concept. Slogan: one manages what one measures. This is to provide answers to the business around availability, performance, consumption and profitability. So it can help to identify dependencies. Approach of speaker (Microsoft) to real world scenario’s were, see slide below.

IMGP4988 IMGP4990

To create observation model one can use Excel (Bam add-in after installation/configuration of BizTalk). With Bam API, event stream, one can send data into database (BAM Database). Once in database one can do whatever it wants (cubes, reporting and so on).


Than Raul gave a demo at least he tried, but mouse did not work (so no demo yet). So he went to talk about challenges one can face.


Mouse is working 🙂 Now demos started using platform components (see slide platform components).


Then an End to End demo.


So this was for me very interesting to see what one can do with BAM (eye opener) in perspective of monitoring and using WCF.


Look at codeplex at end of February the end to end demo (code) and so will be available (MSE). Also look at BAM Whitepaper (see previous post).


#1 Azure Monitoring Platform
Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers

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