BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook Released

Finally my book with recipes for BizTalk Server 2010 is officially released. After a year of hard work it is available now. You can find the complete table of contents on Packt Website for this book.
Before starting this endeavor I asked Richard Seroter for guidance and discussed the opportunity with fellow MVP Randal van Splunteren during MVP Summit 2011. Both motivated me to go for it. So I did and I signed a book contract with Packt.

I did not want to write a straight forward book with recipes only targeted on the out-of-box capabilities of BizTalk Server 2010. So I decided to do it differently.

This book will provide material on community tooling available on CodePlex like BizTalk BenchMark Wizard and many other BizTalk related tooling. Also Microsoft has built tooling for BizTalk like BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer, which can be very valuable in validating your BizTalk environment. The book provides a couple recipes on topics that you would not find in other BizTalk (recipe) books and some that you are familiar with. With all the recipes combined I wanted to draw a contrast of what BizTalk offers out-of-box versus the alternatives offered through the community and 3rd parties.
During the course of the book I have had support from fellow MVP’s Saravana Kumar, who contributed a recipe on alternative monitoring with BizTalk360, Mikael Håkansson who helped on the recipe concerning BizTalk BenchMark Wizard (BBW), and my colleague Douglas Skirving on Security.

It was lots of fun to write this book, and I hope many of you will order the book and enjoy reading it. I would like to thank both my official technical reviewers Randal van Splunteren, Rene Brauwers, Abdul Rafay and Sandro Pereira and others Tord G. Nordahl, Richard Seroter, and Paul Gielens for their insight, hints, tips and keeping me on the right path. Finally I like to thank Packt Publishing for giving me this opportunity. Finally I like to thank the team behind the scene at Packt Publishing that I worked with: Dhwani, Chris, Prasad, Laxmi, Vishal, Rekha, Prachali and Alwin.

If you do have any feedback on my work in this book, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Author: Steef-Jan Wiggers

Steef-Jan Wiggers is all in on Microsoft Azure, Integration, and Data Science. He has over 15 years’ experience in a wide variety of scenarios such as custom .NET solution development, overseeing large enterprise integrations, building web services, managing projects, designing web services, experimenting with data, SQL Server database administration, and consulting. Steef-Jan loves challenges in the Microsoft playing field combining it with his domain knowledge in energy, utility, banking, insurance, healthcare, agriculture, (local) government, bio-sciences, retail, travel, and logistics. He is very active in the community as a blogger, TechNet Wiki author, book author, and global public speaker. For these efforts, Microsoft has recognized him a Microsoft MVP for the past 8 years.


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