Azure Service Governance using Event Grid and Logic Apps

Azure Event Grid is a new Platform service in Azure for managing events in a uniform centralized manner. In previous posts I have discussed some of the capabilities of this service including routing custom events, handle specific Azure Storage events and events in general. In this post, I like to continue with another Event Grid… Read More »

Route Blob storage events to multiple subscribers using Azure Event Grid

A few weeks ago Azure Event Grid service became available in preview. This service enables centralized management of events in a uniform way. It’s scales with you when the number of events increases. And this is made possible by the foundation the event grid relies on service fabric. Not only does is auto scale you… Read More »

Routing with a custom Event Grid Topic

Event Grid Topic is a part of Event Grid, a new Platform Service, which provides intelligent event routing through filters and event types. Moreover, it offers a uniform publish-subscribe model similar to the model of the BizTalk runtime. However, we are talking events here and not messaging. Event Grid is a managed service in Azure with… Read More »

Building reactive, event driven solutions with the new Azure Event Grid Service

Microsoft has released yet another service in its Azure Platform named Event Grid. This enables you to build reactive, event driven applications around this service routing capabilities. You can receive events from multiple source or have events pushed (fan out) to multiple destinations as the picture below shows. New possible solutions with Event Grid With… Read More »

Year’s review of 2017

The year 2017 almost has come to an end. A year I traveled a lot and spent many hours sitting in planes. In total, I have made close to 50 flights. A bonus at the end of this year is that I have reached gold status with the KLM. Thus I can enjoy the benefit… Read More »

Stef’s Monthly Update – November 2017

Another month has gone by, and I am a bit late with my story. November was another busy month after October with Integrate and other things. Month November In the month November, I got the news that I am a part of the InfoQ Cloud editors.  Moreover, I immediately started writing a few stories and here’s… Read More »

Stef’s Monthtly Update – September 2017

September 2017, the last month at Macaw and about to onboard on a new journey at Codit Company. And I looking forward to it. It will mean more travelling, speaking engagements and other cool things. #Cyanblue is the new blue. Below a picture of Tomasso, Eldert, me, Dominic (NoBuG), and Kristian in Olso (top floor or… Read More »

Stef’s Monthtly Update – August 2017

Summer holidays are over, it is back to work and a few weeks later back into the trenches I learned a lot more about Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Search and the latest addition to the Platform Event Grid. Month August Microsoft launched a new service, Event Grid to support serverless events with intelligent routing and… Read More »

Serverless messaging with Microsoft Azure Platform

Azure Event Grid, the missing piece in Serverless messaging is available as preview in Microsoft Azure. Serverless messaging means you can build a messaging solution in Azure leveraging Service Bus, Logic Apps, Functions, and Event Grid. “In Azure Event Grid, all events are emitted from topics”, said Dan Rosanova, Principal program manager Lead from the… Read More »

The Current State of Microsoft Integration Related Content

With technology changing fast and services in the cloud evolve more rapidly than their on-premise counterparts creating and updating content around those services becomes challenging. Microsoft Integration has expanded over the years from Grid their the on-premise offering BizTalk Server to multiple cloud services in Azure like Service Bus, Logic Apps, API Management, Azure Functions,… Read More »

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